Sales for Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Russia

LARSEN strings not only sound unique, they also have an extraordinary story to tell. Laurits Larsen was interested in music early on and studied at the Conservatory of Music in Funen. Thanks to a scholarship for his violin play he got to know lots of musicians, also in the USA. There, a colleague ordered 300 cello strings with LARSEN in order to test the emerging idea of LARSEN to set up his own string production. The strings were tested by Danish and German musicians and enthusiastically received. Soon the strings were in world-wide demand, leading to the start of serial production. 2012, a new cello string brand Larsen Magnacore® together with the new violin strings Virtuoso were successfully introduced into the market. The idea behind the company is to develop, manufacture and market high-class strings for bow instruments. The aim being to broaden the musical experience for the listener. „Our motivation is the love for music.“ (Laurits Larsen)