MUSIC STYLE: Word Music - Afro Cuban - Latin Jazz - Afro - Fusion - Fado


Born in 89, Iúri Oliveira works as a professional musician in the percussion field under several styles, such as World Music, Latin JAZZ, Afro-Cuban, Afro, Brazilian, Fusion, Fado, Pop, among others. Driven by his main musical influence, his father, Iúri soon starts the dream of becoming a professional musician. His path in music began at the age of 14. With that age, he developed his first solo work.   At 2009, Iúri joined “The Rhythm Studio | London School of Popular Music” (Percussion and drums school), where he studied and developed his knowledge with the master percussion Marcus “Santana” Raimundo (Tribo Band and Timbalada). Many different styles started to influence Iúri´s work, such as Afro-Cuban, World Music, Brazilian, Fusion, Mandinga, Latin Jazz and others. In London, Iúri joined the Marcus “Santana” Raimundo’s band, performing in several festivals and clubs like Gunabára, Nothing Hill Hot Club, Hotanani, Made in Brazil and others.  During this season, he continues to perform as a sideman of several international artists like Everaldo Cruz and Shirley Nunes.  After returning to Portugal and working with several national artists, Iúri dedicated himself once again to music studies, now with Sebastian Sheriff (ARG), Osvaldo Pegugo (Cuba), Ruca Rebordão (ANG), Marito Marques and others.  In 2013, Iúri was a finalist at Lavra’s Percussion and Drums Festival 5th edition, ending up as the winner of the contest. He shared the stage with other contestants and juries, such as Felipe Deniz, Mauro Ramos, Francisco Lima, Hugo Danin and Gergo Borlai.  Between 2013 and 2014, Iúri Oliveira traveled to the Netherlands to join the Drumdrumdrum Roel Calliste’s School , where he developed his skills in World Music and Solo.    Iúri is currently working as a sideman percussionist | studio musician | tour musician on several projects and with several artists, such asSARA TAVARES | SELMA UAMUSSE | GIL DO CARMO | YEMANJAZZ | ZUKATUGA | CRIATURA,among others.   He also had the pleasure to work with: Lura (CV) /Karyna GOmes (GUI) / Binhan Quimor (GN) / Luis Caracol (PT) / Aline Frazão (ANG) / Don Kikas (ANG) / Márcia Castro (BR) / Costa Neto / Filipe Santo / Victor Zamora (CUBA) / João Barradas/ Elida Almeida (CV) / Calema / Ana Laíns / Paulo de Carvalho / António TC Cruz / Roel Callister / Marcus Santana Raimundo / Osvaldo Pegudo (CUBA) / Sebastian Sheriff (ARG) / Pablo Lapidusas (ARG) / Francesco Valente (ITA) / Selma Uamusse (MOÇ) / Projecto Kaya (ANG/PT) / Fernando Pereira (LORD OF VOICES) / Ibraimah Galissa (GUI) / Ruca Rebordão / Celina Pereira / Marta Dias / Valéria de Carvalho / Tonecas Prazeres.